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FMDS is a leading provider of Computer/Digital Forensics, forensic/non-forensic data recovery and electronic evidence discovery services. FMDS examiners are trained certified experts in their field. Proven analytical methodologies, court recognized forensic software and state-of-the-art techniques are utilized for examinations. FMDS has real world experience in preserving, analyzing and presenting data to fit many requirements. FMDS follows stringent standards that are required to have your electronic data admitted in a official legal setting.

Over a decade of State Level Law enforcement experience in the specialized high tech crime arena ensures that the skills FMDS posses have been tested, validated and are constantly updated.

The discipline of Computer Forensics enables a trained examiner to trace activity, uncover artifacts and validate usage.

  • Internet History Analysis
  • File and Document Recovery
  • Email and Chat recovery

This is a small sample of the type of data computer forensics reveals. See the SERVICES page for more.

As amended May 28, 2008, Michigan law now requires that forensic examiners be licensed as Professional Investigators. Forensic Mind Data Services, LLC is a licensed Professional Investigator Agency (License No. 3701205825) as regulated by the Professional Investigator Licensure Act 285 of 1965.