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The forensic acquisition of media refers to the process of making a bit for bit copy, or image file of that piece of media. This image file created by forensic acquisition is frequently used in civil or criminal court proceedings, thus great accuracy is required. The forensic acquisition is the cornerstone of a accurate forensic analysis. Many different tools can be used by a forensic examiner in the acquisition process. FMDS has the knowledge, experience and tools to complete the forensic acquisition process for the multitude of digital media that exist.

The forensic analysis process involves a analytical methodology to evaluate the forensic data and recover digital evidence while preserving the integrity of the electronic evidence for discovery or court proceedings. FMDS provides a full range of Digital Forensic Services including:

  • Internet History Analysis
  • File and Document Recovery
  • Email and Chat recovery
  • Corporate/Business Consulting for Employee Computer Misuse
  • Event and Productivity logging
  • Intellectal Property Theft
  • Employee misconduct while using the computer.
  • Wrongful termination litigation preparation, plaintiff or defense.
  • Post employment computer examinations.
  • Domestic relations cases
  • Computer-related usage of any type .
  • Expert and non expert Testimony
  • FMDS examiners are trained in Advanced Cell Forensics for iOS, Andorid, Blackberry and Windows phones.

Our Digital Forensics are conducted with forensically sterile media in a laboratory setting by our well trained and certified computer forensic examiners

We offer swift and thorough Digital Forensic Accquision and Analysis on Windows, Macintosh, Linux filesystems.

Deleted, destroyed or corrupted data can often times be recovered and restored to its original state even when a hard drive is formatted, partition table corrupted or a virus has taken its toll on your computer. Specialized tools and techniques are used to bring data back to life. Data can be recovered from most operating systems, digital media and servers including RAID 0,1,4,5.

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See our FAQ for information on data recovery and computer forensics and our list of available services. Information on how to submit media is available here. Emergency and convert data recovery available.